Introduction of Innodental

INOD is doing its best to become a global leader in dental industry.

Introduction of Innodental

Striving to become a Global Leader in Dental Technology!

Innodental strives to become the best in dental industry and actively various fields from dental materials to dental equipment and makes top quality products using state of the art technology.

Innodental is a Korean dental manufacturer that produces denture mesh, glass fiber post etc. Especially Innodental specializes in glass fiber range of dentistry.

Its representative products are SES MESH, QP FIBER POST, UP FIBER SPLINT.

SES Fiber Framework System using SES Mesh developed and produced by Innodental is the world’s first dental product used in both full denture, partial denture and makes a denture within 15 mins. It is attracted by world’s dentists as an innovative fabrication of denture.  Innodental also has ISO 13485, 9001, CE, KGMP to maintain high quality management system and will does its best to provide high quality products to dentists and customers.

Innodental’s all of executives and staffers promise to do their best to manufacture and provide safe, trusty and high quality dental products.

Company Overview

Company Name
812, Byucksan Digital Valley, 6-cha, 219, Gasandigital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (Zip Code) 08501