U.P.Fiber Splint

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U.P. Fiber Splint

For splinting and retainer, implant temporary prostheses

Reinforcement UHMWPE Splint For splinting and retainer

■ Advantage

• Biocompatible splinting and retainer
• Highly esthetic and comfortable for patient
• Very easy and fast application
• Non-invasive application requiring minimum tooth preparation
• No shelf life, no special conservation required
• Affordable
• Various sizes[1,2,3,4mm] : 1mm for orthodontic retainer, 2, 3, 4mm for periodontal splinting
•Tensile strength is about 10 times stronger than regular polyethylene as U.P. Fiber Splint is made of UHMWPE
• U.P. Fiber Splint has good absorbing power of bonding agent and then it well bonds any flowable composite system

■ Clinical applications


• Is Quick, Clean and Simple
• Is comfortable for patient-smooth & highly esthetic
• Supports teeth effectively
• Has superior durability
• Is easy to remove when necessary

Orthodontic retainer

• Aesthetic
• Metal free-comfortable for patient
• A quick application
• Easy to adapt  directly to teeth and bond in place

Implant temporary

• Aesthetic
• Easy to make implant temporary prostheses
• Easy to remove when necessary

The comparative graph of flexural strength for splinting products

■ Products line-up

U.P. Fiber Splint KIT
1mm x 200mm x 1 / 2mm x 200mm x 1 /
3mm x 200mm x 1 / 4mm x 200mm x 1 / Accessories

U.P. Fiber Splint Refills
U.P. Fiber Splint #1_Refill 1mm x 200mm x 2
U.P. Fiber Splint #2_Refill 2mm x 200mm x 2
U.P. Fiber Splint #3_Refill 3mm x 200mm x 2
U.P. Fiber Splint #4_Refill 4mm x 200mm x 2