SES Mesh

SES Mesh

For featherlight and strong denture

SES Mesh is strong, esthetic & biocompatible product - SES Mesh provides the best satisfaction with a patient along with comfortableness and low price

■ Advantage

• Easy fabrication process
• Reduced fabrication time [15 minutes required]
• Strong as much as metal denture
• Easy to repair / Saving expenses
• Biocompatible without metal
• Aesthetic due to same color of tongue and gum

■ Full Denture

40% lighter than metal denture

• It can give more comfortableness to patient
• MRI scan can be done on wearing denture made of SES System

■ Partial Denture

• If SES Mesh series is applied to partial denture, you will get more satisfaction and can make sure of more reinforced effectiveness of denture
• Be simple to repair denture

Now, can make stronger, unbroken fiber denture

• Denture using SES mesh is thinner and lighter, more comfortable
• Denture using SES mesh is not easily broken and can be easily repaired

SES Mesh Configuration

■ Technical Data