2018 Exhibitions

26 Nov 2020
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In 2018 as well, we have took part in various exhibitions.

AEEDC 2018 (United Arab Emirates)

SIDEX 2018 (Seoul International Dental Exhibition)

YESDEX 2018 (Yeongnam International Scientific Congress and Dental Exhibition)

EXPODENT 2018 (New Delhi, India)

WDS 2018 (Mumbai, India)

This year, we unveiled our new GI cement products ‘UNIGLASS Series’ at SIDEX.

Visitors had a chance to use them in person.

Many of the visitors recognized their value and purchased them. 

That’s why they were all sold out! Thank you.

We promise we would keep working hard to develop and offer more diverse and innovative products 

at reasonable prices through exhibitions.

Thank you for your support and interest in us.