Royal Shimstock

Royal Shimstock

A ROYAL SHIMSTOCK is a check bite for attaching dental prosthesis to the teeth and checking their occlusal state. 

It allows easy to check the occlusal state, which can be placed in the position of the prosthesis and pulled it after biting the teeth. 

Also it is equipped with a blade, so you can cut it as much as you want.

■ Specification

ID-8 [8mm x 5.2m l Pink]

Used to check the occlusion of premolar or anterior teeth

ID-11 [11mm x 5.1m l Yellow]

Used to check the occlusion of single crown or partial denture 

for many residual tooth

ID-15 [15mm x 5m l Green]

Used to check the occlusion of denture or partial denture 

for a little residual tooth.

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