2019.06    Get ISO 13485:2016 certificate

  2018.10    Approval of Q.P. Fiber Post PLUS from KFDA

  2018.05    Get ISO 9001:2015 certificate

  2018.02    Received Korea Pack Star Award 2017 for SES Mesh product

  2017.09    Get Certificate of Hi-Seoul Brand

  2017.06    Application for a PCT patent for Manufacturing method

                      for glass fiber photopolymerized resin reinforcement material

                      to improve its durability and its reinforcement material”

                      Application for a PCT patent for “Manufacturing method

                      for fiberglass photopolymerized resin reinforcement material

                      and reinforcement material”

  2016.11    Approval of U.P. Fiber Splint from KFDA

                      Approval of SES Mesh 1611 from KFDA

                      Approval of Lower Mesh from KFDA

  2016.06    Received an award certificate

                      from the Ministry of Health and Welfare of the Republic of Korea

  2016.04    Get ISO 13485:2012 certificate

                      Moved head office and factory for expansion

  2014.12    Get CE certificate of QP Fiber Post

  2014.03    Application for a PCT patent for “How to manufacture prosthesis

                      “for maxillary part using mesh type fiberglass”

                      “Application for a PCT patent for

                      ““How to manufacture dental splint with fiberglass mesh inserted”

  2012.12    Approval of Q.P. Fiber Post from KFDA

  2012.10    Approval of SES Mesh 1108 from KFDA

                      Approval of SES Repair IT from KFDA

  2012.05    Approval of manufacturing and sales license of medical device from KFDA

  2011.12    Application for a PCT patent for “A Method of Making Denture using Glass Fiber”

  2009.03    Establishment of INNO DENTAL CO.,LTD. and Factory