SES Fiber Framework System

SES Fiber Framework System

Bioaffinity products capable of meeting the needs of technical laboratories, dental clinics and patients!

SES Fiber Framework System developed and produced by INNO DENTAL.

It is the world’s first dental technology used in both Full Denture and Partial Denture.

■ Advantage

• Easy fabrication process

• Reduced fabrication time (15 minutes required)

• Strong as much as metal denture

• Easy to repair / Saving expenses

• Biocompatible without metal

• Aesthetic due to same color of tongue and gum

■ Full Denture

• 40% lighter than metal denture

• It can give more comfortableness to patient

• MRI scan can be done on wearing denture made of SES System

• Denture using SES mesh is thinner and lighter, more comfortable

■ Partial Denture

• If SES Mesh series is applied to partial denture, you will get more satisfaction and can make sure of more      

   reinforced effectiveness of denture

• Be simple to repair denture

• Denture using SES Mesh is not broken and can be easily repaired

■ Over Denture

• Applying Fiber Mesh to implants is more robust and esthetic

■ Technical Data

■ Products Line-up 

SES Mesh 1108

3pcs/box | 70mm x 90mm | 3 denture

SES Mesh 1611

3pcs/box | 70mm x 130mm | 6 denture